Red Dot Eco-Fuel Saver Starter Pack

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Get this Starter Pack when you first start using Eco-Fuel Saver.

Use the Red Dot Eco-Fuel saver as your first two treatments on a full tank, then continue using the regular Eco-Fuel Saver on every fill up.

  • Increases the combustion efficiency of all engines,
  • some vehicles will improve mileage by as much as 30%
  • Use in all engines: Gasoline, Diesel & 2-Cycle
  • Cleans the entire fuel system and helps reduce the harmful effects of Ethanol
  • Reduces Engine Maintenance, Guaranteed
  • Aids in Cold Weather Starts
  • In Diesel Engines, acts like a Cetane Enhancer without lowering the BTU’s of the fuel
  • In Gasoline Engines, acts like an Octane Booster by changing the Octane Burn Index
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and temperature
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque

2 Red Dot Eco-Fuel Saver 2oz bottles
10 Eco-Fuel Saver 2oz bottles


Pour content into tank prior to fueling. Both the Red Dot Eco-Fuel and the Eco-Fuel 2oz/60ml bottle treats up to 20 gallons (120 liter) of gasoline or diesel fuel. Exceeding 60 ml. per gal WILL NOT HARM OR DAMAGE YOUR ENGINE.


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