EFS_3bottle_300It all started in 1998 when Dr. Dennis Y. L. Leung committed himself to helping solve the global
issues surrounding smog and smog related inhalation diseases that he felt threated a large
majority of the world. By 2001, the insights and knowledge Dr Leung achieved through his research and development lead to discovery and creation of Mach 3 EcoFuel Saver a truly revolutionary product that actually re-formulated fuel.

Mach 3 EcoFuel Saver was the first non-metallic fuel reformulation solution containing ONLY the building blocks of the fuel itself: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Mach 3 actually re-formulated the hydrocarbons in the fuel to make smaller and smaller molecules that enhanced the thermal efficiency (get more energy) of any fuel guaranteeing the fuel would generate a longer, leaner, cleaner and more uniform combustion.

The re-formulation allowed any combustible engine to generate more power, run smoother, operate longer and extend maintenance intervals while gaining higher fuel efficiency. Mach 3 Super EcoFuel Saver was released as the next generation family-1fuel re-formulator in October 2003 followed by an improved version called Ultimate ME2 in private label.

Mach 3 Super EcoFuel Saver-Heavy Duty (SEFS-HD) was release in late 2006 as the heavy duty version and worked on all types of liquid hydrocarbon fuels: gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, bunker C (when preheated), natural gas, propane, butane, in gaseous form. Dependent on the type and conditions of the engines, Mach 3 SEFS-HD achieved up to a 23% savings of fuel consumed and are endorsed by PetroChina / Chinaoil (USA) one of the largest oil & gas companies in the world.

Even though Dr Leung was known as the “Fixer” with a “Can Do” attitude, it was ultimately his ingenuity, tenacity, enthusiasm and problem solving ability that allowed Dr Leung to surround himself with amazing people. Considered the face of what has become the #1 Fuel Re-Formulator in the World, Dr. Rique Ford became one of Dr Leung’s closest relationships and when Dr Leung passed away in 2010 it was Dr Ford who stepped in and kept the dream alive.

Southern CalifoRique-Fordrnia Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995 and inventor of several silicone based materials and pioneering designs still used by companies like Boeing, Lockheed, Ford, GM and various military branches, Dr Rique Ford purchased Mach 3 Technologies Group, LLC from Dr Leung’s family and legally renamed the company to International Eco Fuel Saver and the products to Eco Fuel Saver while a distributor took the original company name of Mach 3 and kept the name for their private label products.

With the name change and two years of research and development finalized, a super formula was patented in 2012 and launched in Canada. Things quickly expanded from private label sales to big box stores like Canada Tire and Walmart of Canada. Distribution exist in Mexico, Caribbean, parts of Africa, both Central and South America, with focus on the US market for 2016.Eco Fuel Saver

Providers Direct is the proud Joint Venture company and exclusive Direct Sales partner of International Eco-Fuel Saver, Inc. providing the sales, marketing and general exposure worldwide.

How does Eco-Fuel Saver work?

Eco-Fuel Saver
changes the PHYSICAL structure of the fuel;
breaking down the long hydrocarbon bonds
into smaller bonds for a cleaner,
more complete combustion of the fuel

Increase Performance of Any Gasoline Engine

Engine Will Run Smoother

Increased fuel efficiency means Less Money at the pump, more money for the once a week dinner out…

No other additive on-earth
reduces toxic emissions like


  • Increased combustion efficiency
  • Cleans the entire fuel system
  • Aids in Cold Weather Starts
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque
  • Acts Like a Octane Booster
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and temperature
  • Use in all engines: Gasoline, Diesel, 2-Cycle


  • Some vehicles may improve mileage by 30%
  • Helps reduce the harmful effects of Ethanol
  • Reduces Engine Maintenance, Guaranteed
  • Reduces Cold Weather Start wear
  • Changing the Octane Burn Index


  • Use 87 Octane saving as much as $8 per fill-up
  • Quicker response from a stopped position
  • Extra quickness helping to potentially avoid an accident
  • Cleaner fuel system, lower exhaust temperatures and lower emissions equal lower maintenance cost, as much as $387 per year over 5 years

Eco-Fuel Saver System

Eco-Fuel Saver SystemThe Eco-Fuel Saver System is the key to achieving maximum results. It takes the guess work out of the quality of the gas , the condition of your fuel filter or the efficiency of your fuel injectors. Cheaper the gas, the lower the octane the better Eco-Fuel Saver performs.

How do I use the Eco-Fuel System?

You will need the RED DOT Eco-Fuel Saver Starter Pack to get started. The first 2 tanks of gas or diesel are treated with RED DOT Eco-Fuel Saver before switching to regular Eco-Fuel Saver. Miss a tank, start all over again. It is the Eco-Fuel Saver System saving up to $8 a fill-up, reducing emissions particulates up to 38% and increased performance by as much as 16%.

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How do I get it?

Go to ShopProvidersDirect.com and purchase one of the 12 packs or contact the person that shared this website with you.


We recommend to get started with the
RED DOT Eco-Fuel Saver Starter Pack