Save money. Conserve energy.

Achieve energy savings upwards of 50% with intelligent,
schedule-based plug load shutdown during unoccupied periods.

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How Can I Save Money?

1. Install Smart Plugs

120 Smart Plug

The 120V Smart Plug is rated for 15 amps and can control all of your smaller 120V loads, such as office equipment, wind air conditioners, and vending machines.

220 Smart Plug

The 220V Smart Plug is rated for 20 amps and can control all your heavy 220V loads such as PTACs, pumps and wall and ceiling electric heaters.

2. Plug in Devices

3. Manage Devices


Monitor and control your 120 volt and 220 volt electrical devices from almost anywhere with our cloud-based platform that creates a virtual ecosystem between smart plugs, web and mobile interfaces & cloud hosted data.

Who We Serve

BOSS is the first cloud-based commercial solution designed specifically for the needs of small-to-mid-size organizations. From commercial to education and government facilities, BOSS is helping businesses run leaner and greener.

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